The shop is temporarily unavailable while I redesign it to be something usable for a more general audience. I feel there is a market for a platform that enables creators to get merchandise to market for a very minimal degree of fuss and bother while still giving them a reasonable return. That is in design now and I hope to announce the release of that mid-2024.

To make that happen, I have purchased a couple more domain names, and I am moving content around to make appropriate use of those new names.

To reflect that I hope my content is of interest to more than just an Australian market, the blogs and photo gallery have already moved to the domain. Please click here: or the links in the header above to go there.

It is still under development, but the shop will eventually be relaunched on the domain. Again, the hope is that an international domain will reflect the international market that the shop will be able to cater for. In the interim, that domain may still be pointing here. If you’ve clicked a link to and it has brought you here, that is because the shop is still being developed. It will be here hopefully my mid-2024.

This website (my original domain name) will become my “business site”. It will be the information page for my photography business and the shop. This will allow me to have easy to find business information without detracting from the overall feel of either the blogs/gallery pages or the shop pages.

In addition, although I have never advertised it, I have always had a domain name registration service (which also has hosting and other internet-y things available). This is a hang-over from a previous business venture that I retained because I did have a few domain name customers that I didn’t want to dump onto other providers. Moving the business stuff exclusively to the space means this won’t be quite so incongruous (I hope!).

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