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  • Restructuring

    The shop is temporarily unavailable while I redesign it to be something usable for a more general audience. I feel there is a market for a platform that enables creators to get merchandise to market for a very minimal degree of fuss and bother while still giving them a reasonable return. That is in design…

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  • Where has the shop gone?

    As some of you may know, I originally had a shop associated with this site. It never really did anything useful, apart from keeping me occupied playing around with it. I didn’t sell anything. In about 20 months of operation, I didn’t sell a single product. There are, I think two possible reasons for that:…

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  • Why the Water Sprite?

    Why the Water Sprite?

    Back in the 1980’s, my mother set up a company through which she published a few things. She called that company “Watersprite Pty Ltd”, although we have pretty much always thought of it as the two words “Water Sprite” despite that. The name is a homage to the locality we lived in (a Victorian irrigation…

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