Hello! My name is Conrad. Water Sprite is my space on the web to share a bit of how the world looks through my eyes, and to bring to life the things that interest me.

I’m a multi-faceted individual, with interests in a wide range of areas. My tertiary academic qualifications are in Philosophy, Computer Science, Law and Horticulture. I have worked professionally in 2 of those areas. Additional interests include photography, technology, house (energy) efficiency, some bits of history, and people. In the past I have had a smattering of musical training (including singing) although I have never considered myself a “musician”. I have dabbled in fiction writing although I have never considered myself a “writer”. My garden is my haven, but I am truly awful at gardening (and it is a perpetually unfinished mess).

For a little bit of history on the Water Sprite name and the origins of the logo, please read my post on this subject here.

It started out as a single site, but it has grown, and now covers a range of things!

Photography and Blogs

Through the watersprite.online site, I will share some of my photography; I will produce some written works on subjects that interest me; and maybe in the future I will produce some vlogs or podcasts. I am happy to share this space with like-minded individuals, and welcome other people’s work. That could take the form of guest blogs, or your own photographs or artwork. Don’t expect much, or much regularity. Blogs aren’t the cool thing on the internet anymore (I’m told they were, once). For this content, please go to watersprite.online or click the Blogs/Gallery link in the header above.

An online marketplace of sorts

I had a dedicated shop on this site for about 18 months. It sold merchandise with my photos on them, and some things produced by my daughter. It never sold anything! Okay, it doesn’t help that I didn’t advertise it. However, the idea was good, and it is being redeveloped as a platform for all creators to get merchandise to market quickly and effectively while still giving them a decent return for their works. Keep an eye on watersprite.shop because that is where it will appear.

Domain names and other internet-y things

Did you know that I am (and have been for over a decade) and authorised reseller of domain names? No, most people don’t. However, I do hope to change that. Available right now, you can go to domains.watersprite.com.au and purchase domain names for all around the world, plus hosting and other services.

The business site

This domain (watersprite.com.au) is my original domain. WIth the move of the blogs and shop to their own domains, this site will continue as my business site. The domain watersprite.au also points here.

Other domains

I also own and use the watersprite.in domain name. It is used as a testing site. You are welcome to play with it if you want, but nothing will happen with anything you do on there.