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My name is Conrad, and I am a Canberra-based part-time photographer, blogger and e-commerce operator. This site ( is the business home-page, and contains general information about what I do, and what I can do for you. It also contains my photography portfolio – showcasing a range of my favourite styles and subjects.

If you’re interested in viewing my photography and travel blogs, and the associated photographs, please visit

If you are interested in my merchandise, or the merchandise of others who use my shop facilities, please head over to

Finally, if you are interested in buying good value domain names, please take a look at what I can offer you through to check out our pricing and services. A long time ago, I ran an ISP business, and I still retain the licence to resell domain names, and a variety of hosting and hosting-related services, supported by a large multi-national internet business. I can offer you very competitive prices on Australian and international domain names.

You can learn about my business through the tiles below, or through the menu bar at the top of the page.


This is a selection of images chosen to highlight a range of subjects and styles. There is also a gallery on the Blogs site ( which has a vast array of images ranging from prosaic to the profound (or, perhaps, profoundly silly).

Work with me

I am interested in working with people to bring to life a wide range of projects.

Each line above is a link to a page that suggests ways I might be able to assist you. Please read the relevant page(s), and then contact me!

The best way to contact me is through the “Send Us a Message” tab in the footer below. Please remember to include either an email address (preferred) or a phone number for me to contact you.

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