Working with me – Collaborations

Thank you for considering working with me. I’m happy to be involved in a wide range of projects – so if you have a project in mind, please talk to me!

Are you an aspiring blog author and photographer? Would you like to appear on the platform – as a one-off, occasional, or regular feature? The blog platform will be better with more people providing content through it. More, different, voices providing more regular content will add to the variety and interest in the site, for the benefit of everyone who participates.

What sort of things could be included?

Pretty much anything that makes basic quality and decency standards and does not express a strong political opinion, nor include divisive or hateful content. In keeping with the general feel of the blog, posts from fellow photographers or similar artistic minds are very much welcome – but I am equally interested if you have a particular special interest you’d like to share the odd post about. It would be ideal if you have both visual and written content to share, as the modern internet is very much visually focussed and long text posts don’t generally get much interest, but that is not essential.

This would be ideal if you also wanted to sell images on products through the site (see here for a discussion about how that works), but that is absolutely not essential. In fact, as long as the advertising is secondary to the purpose of the post, I don’t mind if you advertise your shop on another platform.

What’s in it for you?

Fame! Fortune! Glory!

Sadly, not really. The blog as a communication and entertainment medium lost it’s commercial value (if it ever had any) over a decade ago. The blog site does not earn money. View it as a low-hassle, low-obligation opportunity to publish stuff on the web which interests you, that other people may (or may not!) read.

What’s in it for me?

More readers on my posts. Sometimes it is hard to keep motivation for producing posts with low readership. Attracting more people to the site means more people reading the posts of all contributors to the site.

I may, in the future, enable paid advertising on the site. I have no plans to do so at this stage, but it may happen. You agree that any money I make through advertising income in that instance will be my payment for operating and maintaining the site, and undertaking editorial roles on the content. I do undertake that if, contrary to any rational expectation, the site does earn more money through advertising income than I can reasonably claim as being my expenses in undertaking those duties, I will share the advertising revenue with contributors in a fair and equitable manner to be determined in the unlikely event that it transpires.

What cannot be included?

The purpose of the site is to provide informational and/or entertaining content for people to view and read. Material that strays outside of that basic premise is likely to be suspect. You are, of course, always welcome to discuss your proposed content with me in advance.

You must not include material produced by anyone else (or produced through an AI service) without acknowledging that in the post. If you need someone else’s permission to publish or distribute that material, you will need that permission in writing (and you will need to provide me with a copy of that permission) before the post is published.

You must not include material that amounts to advertising material for your or anyone else’s work, products or business, except for secondary advertising. Secondary advertising is intended to acknowledge commercial interests, but should not detract from the overall informational content of the post or feel like the post exists only to justify the advertising. Examples of secondary advertising would be: mentioning that an image is for sale (and including a link) after you’ve talked about how you made or were inspired to make the image; including a link to the website for a product or location that was reviewed in the post (and if it is an affiliate link, it is essential to indicate that with the link); or mentioning that some content or the post was sponsored by a business directly associated with the content of the post, and including a link and small logo for that business. Banner ads or large advertising in any form is not acceptable at any time.

I retain all editorial rights and reserve the right not to publish a post, to remove a published post, or to make editorial changes to a post before or after publishing it.

Contact me through the “Send Us a Message” tab below, and I’ll be in touch.

Please include contact details so I can get back to you – an email address preferred, but a phone number would do.